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Champions Nutrition started six years ago with the concept that persons around the globe should have access to and benefit from the ultimate health, nutrition, and wellness products of Isagenix International to enrich their lives and to achieve optimal health. We are a proud Independent Associate of Isagenix; Champions Nutrition is a direct-to-consumer Isagenix product distribution service. Champions Nutrition is your direct portal to good health.

Champions Nutrition is global: We serve the following global markets: United States; Canada; Mexico; Malaysia; Australia; New Zealand; Puerto Rico; Colombia; Singapore; Hong Kong, Taiwan. Champions Nutrition may thus duly serve the customers and nutrition distribution partners in these aforesaid markets. If you reside in one of these nations, please join our Isagenix family via Champions Nutrition. Isagenix is growing into new global markets every year. Concurrently, Champions Nutrition will expand to cover the globe. 

The unique, proprietary, and high-quality Isagenix products will directly impact and improve your health and well-being, bolster your confidence, and will assist to positively elevate your frame of mind. Isagenix products are world class; experience their magic for yourself.  

My name is Fortunato Barbieri, domiciled in Toronto, Canada, and I am honoured to serve you to improve your health and well-being. Please feel free to contact me. THANK YOU.